Rental Registration

Dear Residential Rental Property Owner,

Ohio Revised Code Section (O.R.C.) 5323.02 requires an owner of residential rental property to register a contact agent with the county auditor in which the property is located. Rental property for these purposes is any residential property in which money is exchanged, meaning the unit is leased or otherwise rented to tenants solely for residential purposes (such as an apartment, twin single, single family home or rooming house). The exceptions are a hotel or college or university dormitory.

We have provided two methods by which to register your property with our office. You may register online from this website, or you may download a copy of the registration form from our web page and mail it to:

Franklin County Auditor's Office
Attn: Danielle Farrell
373 S. High St. 21st floor
Columbus, OH 43215

If the residential rental property is owned by multiple individual owners, only one of them is required to file as the contact agent. If the property is owned by a business entity, one of the following must register the property as the contact agent:

  • A trustee, in the case of a trust or business trust
  • The executor or administrator, in the case of an estate
  • A general partner, in the case of a partnership or a limited partnership
  • A member, manager or officer, in the case of a limited liability company
  • An officer, in the case of a corporation
  • A member, manager or officer in the case of any other business entity

Below is the information that is required:

  1. The name, address and phone number of the owner / contact agent
  2. The street address and parcel number of the residential rental property
  3. An owner of residential rental property who resides outside of the state of Ohio must designate an individual who resides in the state to serve as the contact agent
  4. An owner shall update the information within 60 days after they are notified by receiving a tax bill, a property transfer or after any change in the information occurs

Failure to comply with the initial filing or updating of the information is considered a violation of the law and each property is then subject to fines of $150 per tax year.

All information is considered public record (ORC149.43).

If you have any questions please contact my office at 614-525-4663 (HOME) or e-mail me at


Clarence E. Mingo II
Franklin County Auditor