Clarence E. Mingo, II - Franklin County Auditor  

Conveyance Fee Calculator

Use the calculator below to compute Transfer Tax and Conveyance Fees required to transfer ownership of property. We accept cash, business checks, or cashier’s checks payable to the Franklin County Auditor. We do not accept personal checks. Please do not include payments to other county offices with your check. We provide change for cash transactions only.

Check the homestead exemption box if a grantor or surviving spouse is currently receiving a homestead reduction. To see if a property is receiving the homestead exemption, check our real estate page using the parcel number or address search and look under the Tax & Payment page for a credit amount. For further information contact our office at 614-525-3253.

The Transfer tax is $0.50 per parcel. Franklin County Conveyance fees are $2.00 per each thousand dollars of the total sales price. Taxable transfers under $1,000.00 are subject to a $2.00 minimum conveyance fee.

Transfer Tax & Conveyance Fee Calculator