Clarence E. Mingo, II - Franklin County Auditor  

2017 Reappraisal

Dear Property Owner:

This letter is to inform you about the 2017 Reappraisal of your property as required by Ohio law. The Franklin County Auditor's Office performed its last reappraisal in 2011. Property appraisals are required by law to occur every six years.

A reappraisal of property involves a state registered appraiser physically visiting each home in the county to update property characteristics. Appraisers attempt to make contact with the property owner to discuss the property characteristics, such as land size/type, building size, age, type, quality, condition, room counts and other relevant data. Please keep in mind these are tentative values and subject to change.

Property reappraisals are not intended to increase or decrease taxes, but to keep property values up to date with the market. In some cases where property values increase or decrease, the property owner may see a change in their property taxes. Our goal is to complete the most accurate assessment of property possible and we welcome your feedback.

If you are satisfied that the tentative value reflects your property valuation, there is nothing you need to do. That value will be used to calculate your tax bill. Until election results are certified by the Board of Elections, information pertaining to your tax calculation will not be available until December.

If you disagree with the tentative value for your property, we invite you to discuss the valuation with one of our appraisers. You can do so by providing copies of additional information for consideration (not originals) to an appraiser at one of several neighborhood Informal Value Review meetings in the coming weeks.

If the results of your Informal Value Review bring about a valuation change, that new value will be mailed to you before the December tax-billing period. If you are still dissatisfied after your final valuation notice, you will have the option to file a Board of Revision complaint by April 2, 2018.

It is my commitment as the Franklin County Auditor to make sure you, the property owner, are a pivotal part of this important process and to provide you with the information and resources to make that happen.


Clarence E. Mingo II
Franklin County Auditor